We envision coexisting of all forms of life in harmony with nature. 




Our mission is to serve Plant, Animal and Human lives. 


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Human Life

Our aim is to support ngos that are involved with human welfare, create awareness campaigns and also reach out to volunteers that can serve the humans in need.

Plant Life

Our aim is to increase the green cover of the state and work towards the preservation of flora and fauna that in today's world can balance the rapid development that our cities and peri-urban areas are subject to, We intend to serve mother earth by planting more trees and also create urban forests which can be a natural habitat for wild life.

Animal Life

Our aim focuses on animal welfare and also to end animal cruelty, together we can build a better world for animals. We intend to propagate and achieve balance,peace and harmony amongst people and animals - both wild and domesticated . It is imperative that this harmony be achieved in order to attain a shift in societal values, to imbibe and inculcate in the society (a) acceptance and respect towards all beings, (b) a sense of responsibility towards fellow humans and animals, (c) sensitivity to all forms of life, whether own or stray.


Oneness aims to start a movement where awareness at a large scale will play a pivotal role in bringing about a change in the present scenario via the following goals, sensitize people to mother nature, canine -human co existence and compassion/service to our fellow beings.

Success story ❣️

Net was stuck around

A net was stuck around the dogs body as you can see in the beginning of the video .This case was reported by Prasanna chechi and our precious pillars " Shibin, Krishnapriya, Lakshmi Priya , Arun, Satya Sravan along with prasanna chechi" was involved in the rescue mission . They caught the dog with the butterfly net (humane way) and then released the net that was stuck around the dogs body. Before the dog could become emaciated, Prasanna chechi reported about this case and the rescuers saved the dogs life.

As long as there are kind souls - this world is a safe place to live for every living being. Only team work can do wonders and this is an example for excellent team work 🙏🏽❤️

Please do not litter the planet - it's harmful for the environment and the beings too. Wake up humans and take care of our Mother earth.

How Can You Help?

Your donation will help us to serve the voiceless beings in distress that requires emergency care.