Sucess adoption story ❣️


Our wonderful friend Neena rescued this pup because one of the siblings of this pup died, another sibling got stuck under a building which was rescued by the labourers, currently admitted in the hospital for treatment and he was the only one left. We dint want the fate of this pup also to end like his siblings.

✨ Neena (she never gives up) rescued the pup, our team (kind souls) helped with transport, Adarsh (everyone’s favourite) fostered this pup and Tanja (sincere/dedicated) found an adopter. Tanja is instrumental for our adoptions and she is definitely the chosen one??. Team work does wonders and only team work can do wonders ❣️

1 & 2 pic – Neena after rescuing the pup, she travelled in her scooty with the pup in the baby carrier. Isn’t this picture adorable? Only Neena can make the impossible possible ??

3 & 4 pic – Our precious pillars – Shibin and Krishnapriya helped with the transport of this pup. We are blessed to have such dedicated team members like them??

5 pic – Our rescue gem Adarsh who wholeheartedly welcomed the pup for fostering till we found an adopter. Thank you Adarsh ??

6 final pic – Our adopter ? the pup is happy in his new home and we wish everyone adopts. When you adopt – you save a life from the street. Our indies are beautiful healthy intelligent dogs because of the mixed genetic pool. Thank you for adopting from us and thank the entire team involved in this process ❣️

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  • Rescued
  • Neena
  • 2 Months
  • Vytila
  • EKM
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